Food Truck POS and management software

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Food Truck POS and management software

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Move lines faster

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Increase revenue

with sales and employee reports

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Keep control

of your stock and never run out of supplies


POSbistro allows us to keep track of orders being made in real time, order preparation times, as well as give us insightful reports on best selling items, best performing days and employees.

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Streamline your customer service & move line faster


Take the orders faster than ever before with one touch on the tablet. Assign names or numbers to each order.


Automatically display each order on the kitchen screen in real time.


Give customers the ability to track the order process by displaying on the big screen order numbers that are “in preparation” and “ready”.

Keep everything under control from anywhere


Online Panel

Control inventory & warehouse and make sure you never run out of ingredients.

Learn quickly how much of the product you sell in a given location.

Create and modify menu items in fast and easy way.

Manage employees working time and performance.

Create promotions and loyalty programs.

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Mobile App (POSowner)

Keep everything under control from anywhere.

Control sales in real-time.

Keep track of what is being ordered and order preparation time.

Check what your employees are currently doing.

Here's how POSbistro - software tailtored to you needs - works:

Device 1

Save time and eliminate mistakes by improving the flow of information between employees

When working on POSbistro, one takes an order and sends it to the kitchen, where it appears on a kitchen tablet or in the form of printout from a voucher printer. This creates a smooth dynamic with no mistakes and no chaos.

Device 2

Facilitate customers’ meal waiting time

Display order numbers on the big screen and give customers the ability to track their order's process. The screen shows the number of a placed order which is "in preparation" and "ready". This option can run the module on a big screen with HTML browser.

Device 3

Let your customers pay however it’s convenient for them

POSbistro loves mobility so the system has been integrated with mobile payment terminals, voucher printers, as well as, fiscal printers. You do not have to worry about complicated device integration - they are so easy to use that their implementation in food trucks will not take you more than 15 minutes. Moreover, the devices communicate with each other wirelessly, so forget about tangled cables by the counter.

Device 4

Create loyalty programs and never worry about lack of traffic

Create loyalty programs based on discount cards, subscriptions, gift cards or collected points which are integral part of POSbistro system. Customer cards could be serviced with NFC, QR codes, barcodes or beacons.

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Manage your food truck from your phone anywhere in the world

The POSbistro system enables reporting and analysis of sales results, storage and supply at any time and from any place on earth. All data is transmitted to the server in real time, which always guarantees the latest information from your truck. In addition, using POSbistro you can instantly issue invoices, settle staff time, control suppliers, change menus and prices, create loyalty systems, databases and much, much more.

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We recommend the POSbistro application for any business owner that wants, like us, to invest in modern and flexible solutions. Thanks to POSbistro we manage to move lines much faster and keep control over the stock.

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Work offline

Even if the internet connection is down, your data is safe, and you are free to continue selling.

Pay less


Pay the POSbistro subscription only for the months you use the software.


Reward loyalty

Reward your best customers through loyalty programs, create special offers, and give out discounts whenever you want.


Create customer database

The POScaller app recognises the numbers of your regular clients and gives you ability to widen your database with new contacts.

Use our tips and learn how to...

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    Deal with a long queue of customers

    Food trucks receive the greatest traffic during breaks in sport games such as football matches and concerts in the open air or at lunchtime near offices. When you have to deal with a very large number of different orders, the POSbistro app makes life a lot easier:

    With one touch on the tablet screen choose a dish ordered by the client.

    This information is automatically displayed on the screen of the person preparing it.

    In order to print a receipt, you only need to select the one touch option in the menu.

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    Ensure products are in stock

    Fast order processing makes it difficult to keep control of the stock. POSbistro storage reports can help you to handle this. It accurately informs you about the state of goods in the storage:

    After each sale online stock of ingredients is being updated.

    A smart shopping list informs you about running out of tomato paste or any of the spices.

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    Control income from sales

    When preparing your food truck business plan, you certainly had spent a great deal of time developing recipes of ready dishes that you would like to serve to customers.

    Even the tastiest burrito or the crispiest chips on the market will not bring you income if you haven’t planned other important details like the location of your food truck and the organization of labour.

    The POSowner app will guarantee ongoing control of your finances, which you can use at any time and from any place on earth.

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I hereby authorize Posbistro Sp. z o.o., with registered office at Na Zjeździe 11 Street, Krakow, Poland to process my personal data for marketing purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws of Poland 2002 No 101, item 926 with further amendments) I have the right to access the data, amend it, and cancel the process if necessary.

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